Picture of Get Set Up to Run Your Facebook Ads, The Simple Way Instructions Mockup.

Get Set Up to Run Facebook Ads | The Simple Way

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Picture of the document screenshots of Get Set Up to Run Your Facebook Ads PDFThis 35-page PDF gives you instructions on how to:

1| Create a Facebook business page

2| Create a Business Manager account

3| Add your Facebook business page to Business Manager

4| Add your ad account to Ads Manager (includes the May 2020 update)

5| 🍯BONUS🍯 | Lead magnet cheat sheet including 39 ideas

Who can use these instructions?

  • A small business owner who wants to start Facebook ads and does not have any accounts set up yet.
  • Anyone who likes to use step-by-step screenshots.

When were these instructions put together? 

May 2020

Are there any refunds?

No, I try my best to keep prices at a reasonable cost. But if you are having any problems, don’t hesitate to message me!

Are you looking for a specific printable or fillable PDF?

Please message me your suggestion right away. If I create it, I will send you a copy for free!

$15.00 – Purchase Excluding 0% tax
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