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"Sonja has always demonstrated her ability to be discreet and she professionally communicates with others with a friendly, positive matter in customer service.

The 'PLAN LIKE A PRO' pdf gives a lot of ideas for starting your own business. Things you want to think about when starting off so you don't back step later."

Diana E.
"Sonja’s very easy to communicate with, reliable, and trusting.

My printable looks very detailed and organized. I also like the black and white color scheme as it looks professional."

Erika H.
"Sonja is very positive and friendly to be around, which makes it easy to trust her with any professional situation.

I like the “Box Theme” for the clean and ease of the layout."

Celestine C.
"Friendly to interact with and easy to use planning printables."


Plan. Organize. Schedule.
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I'm a mom that enjoys drinking coffee, walking my dog, DIY crafts with my daughter, and designing printables on my laptop. I know the importance of communication and how different it is from person to person. I help small business owners with their Facebook ads. Nothing is more important to me than strong communication and a positive ROAS.


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